55 Effective Ways to Practice Self Care

YOU are important. YOU are strong, intelligent, and so very special. But you already knew that right?


The topic of self care is one that comes up more often than not these days. I, myself, heavily discuss self care here on the blog and on social media. Like most, I strongly believe that taking care of your mind, body, and spirit is imperative to your health. When even just one of the three is off, it causes a chain reaction and effects the others negatively as well.

There are SO many different ways to practice the art of self care, because it is an art. Each person is different. There is no exact blueprint to self care. What I need to feel sane, may not be what works for someone else. In order to find what works best for your lifestyle, you have to try a number of different techniques and activities. The fun part about discovering new ways to love yourself is that you get to treat your mind and body to experiences that you may not have any other time.

Over the course of my journey in self love, I’ve practiced and experimented with countless ways to lift myself up from places of darkness. A lot of ideas have made minimal difference, but I definitely keep up with the ones that make a strong impact! I’ve also surveyed my internet friends and the people around me to see what were some of their favorite ways to practice self care. Using their favorites and my own, I’ve compiled a list of the 55 Most Effective Ways to Practice Self Care each and every single day!

Choose a few to implement into your routines and then share with your friends so they can start their self care journey too!


55 Effective Ways to Practice Self Care

  1. Read a book
  2. Clean your room/home
  3. Take a bubble bath
  4. Do your makeup
  5. Put on an outfit that makes YOU feel good
  6. Spend 15 minutes a day dancing (Talk about a workout!)
  7. Try new skincare products
  8. Practice a new skill or hobby (makeup, painting, cooking, sewing)
  9. Pick some flowers/buy yourself a pretty bouquet
  10. Create a new music playlist
  11. Take yourself OUT to dinner… ALONE
  12. Try a new exercise regimen
  13. Get new sheets and pillow cases (The best feeling!)
  14. Buy yourself a gift
  15. Repeat, “I love myself, I am enough”
  16. Spend time looking in the mirror and NOT judging yourself or your body
  17. Go to the doctor/dentist
  18. Have a girls night!
  19. Go to the movies
  20. Practice smiling in the mirror or with other people
  21. Clean your makeup brushes/sponges
  22. Organize your work space or create one
  23. Get glammed up and have an Instagram photoshoot
  24. Have a spa day at home or somewhere bougie
  25. Sleep in
  26. Light some candles
  27. Get a cute oil diffuser and try some soothing essential oils
  28. Cook yourself a nutritious and delicious meal
  29. Go on a walk/run at least once a week
  30. Try guided meditation
  31. Plan a weekend trip for yourself
  32. Take a break from electronics for at least an hour each day
  33. Allow yourself to have a sweet treat or carbs without the guilt
  34. Complete an unfinished project
  35. Take a nap
  36. Try on some sexy lingerie!
  37. Write down any goals you want to accomplish and give yourself a deadline
  38. Create a vision board
  39. Educate yourself on subjects you’re interested in
  40. Get a manicure and/or pedicure
  41. Drink some water
  42. Wash the dishes
  43. Start a journal and commit to keeping up with it
  44. Try freewriting
  45. Go through your closet and donate items to charity
  46. Volunteer in your community
  47. Develop a morning and/or night routine to keep your days consistent
  48. Repeat, ” I am love and am capable of all things”
  49. Call your parent(s)
  50. Write a love letter to yourself (or a letter to anyone you need to)
  51. Allow yourself to get enough sleep to support your body and mind
  52. Stop comparing yourself to others
  53. Make a list of things you love to do and do at least one each day
  54. Don’t allow yourself to overthink! Your thoughts are not always right
  55. Surround yourself with encouraging people and end toxic relationships

Well there you have a list of my most favorite and effective ways to practice self care! Is self care something that is important to you? What are some of the things you do to show yourself a little extra love? Do you keep track of the things that work better than others? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks so much for reading and remember that taking care of yourself is taking care of others!



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