Fun & Odd National Days for June 2018

It’s no secret that June is my favorite month of the year. Not only does it include my birthday, but the birthdays of more than half of my family members! It’s always nice and summery without getting too hot (even though it’s always above 80 degrees here in Florida around this time.) June, to me, is the perfect time to kick back on the beach with a Corona in hand, and just relax.

Each month, I’m always hearing about some crazy national day like National Spaghetti Day or National No Dirty Dishes Day, which are both real. So I decided to compile a list of all of the strange and fun national days on the calendar for June 2018. Use them for a blog post topic or just to gain some cool points (or not lol) with your friends!


The month of June:

  • Aquarium Month
  • Candy Month
  • Dairy Month
  • Fight the Filthy Fly Month
  • Gay Pride Month
  • National Accordion Awareness Month
  • National Adopt a Cat Month
  • National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month
  • Rose Month
  • Turkey Lovers Month

Weekly Events:

  • Fishing Week – Week 1
  • National Gardening Week – First full week of the month
  • Email Week – Week 2
  • Lightning Safety Week – Last full week of month

June 2018 Daily Holidays, Odd and Fun Days:

June 1st:

  • Dare Day
  • Flip a Coin Day
  • National Doughnut Day (always the first Friday)

June 2nd:

  • National Bubba Day
  • National Rocky Road Day
  • National Trails Day

June 3rd:

  • Repeat Day

June 4th:

  • Applesauce Cake Day
  • Hug Your Cat Day
  • National Cheese Day
  • Old Maid’s Day

June 5th:

  • Hot Air Balloon Day
  • World Environment Day

June 6th:

  • D-Day
  • National Gardening Exercise Day
  • National Yo-Yo Day

June 7th:

  • National Chocolate Ice Cream Day
  • VCR Day

June 8th:

  • Best Friends Day
  • Name Your Poison Day
  • World Ocean Day

June 9th:

  • Donald Duck Day
  • National Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day

June 10th:

  • Ball Point Pen Day
  • Herbs & Spices Day
  • Iced Tea Day

June 11th:

  • National Corn on the Cob Day

June 12th:

  • National Jerky Day
  • National Peanut Butter Cookie Day
  • Red Rose Day

June 13th:

  • National Weed Your Garden Day
  • Sewing Machine Day

June 14th:

  • Flag Day
  • Monkey Around Day

June 15th:

  • National Nature Photography Day
  • Smile Power Day
  • Global Wind Day

June 16th:

  • Fresh Veggies Day
  • National Hollerin’ Contest Day – (3rd Saturday in June)
  • World Juggler’s Day

June 17th:

  • Eat Your Vegetables Day
  • Father’s Day

June 18th:

  • Go Fishing Day
  • International Panic Day
  • International Picnic Day
  • International Sushi Day
  • National Splurge Day

June 19th:

  • Juneteenth
  • National Kissing Day
  • World Sauntering Day

June 20th:

  • Ice Cream Soda Day
  • National Bald Eagle Day

June 21st:

  • Go Skate Day
  • International Yoga Day
  • National Selfie Day

June 22nd:

  • National Chocolate Eclair Day
  • Take Your Dog to Work Day

June 23rd:

  • National Columnist Day
  • National Pink Day

June 24th:

  • Swim a Lap Day

June 25th:

  • Log Cabin Day
  • National Catfish Day

June 26th:

  • National Beauticians Day
  • Forgiveness Day
  • National Canoe Day

June 27th:

  • Sunglasses Day

June 28th:

  • Insurance Awareness Day
  • International Body Piercing Day
  • Paul Bunyan Day

June 29th:

  • Camera Day
  • Hug Day
  • International Mud Day
  • Waffle Iron Day

June 30th:

  • Meteor Day

Who the hell comes up with some of these things?! If you know of any that I missed, let me know in the comments below! There are so many fun days coming up next month which means more opportunities for awesome blog posts and exciting summer activities. Enjoy the rest of your day and I’ll see you in the next one!



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