Life Update: May 2018

Over the past few months I’ve been super MIA. In the beginning of the year, I said I would be more consistent in my posting. I then decided to be consistently absent from WordPress and any mention of my blog. At first it was because of my new job and learning to work around my schedule, and then life took over from there.

With May being Mental Health Awareness Month, I’ve been pushed to reexamine my current mental state. Anxiety is something that I’ve previously spoken about a few times on the blog and tons on social media. Dealing with and experiencing anxiety has definitely had me on the bumpiest roller coaster in the park. There are some days where I feel like I’m in control and others where I can’t even see things in front of me.

I’ve spent a lot of time in my room with the black out curtains closed, not being able to even get up to shower or eat. I’ve been deep into dark corners of my emotions over the past few months, having glimpses of what it would be like if I truly did isolate myself from others. I always say I won’t go back, but somehow I end up there at some moment in time. I’m just so thankful for the patient and understanding people I have around me, supporting and lifting me up when I need it most.

I’ve been working on ways to better control my anxiety and working on my personal self care policies. Daily yoga is a new practice that I’ve just recently put into affect. As well as HIIT workouts and cleaner eating in addition to my meditation. There was a time when I had my eating and exercising down to a science and wrapped up in a bow, but I fell off. Now is the time to get back up! I’m so excited to continue and enjoy the benefits of a well taken care of mind and body.

Even though anxiety, has taken me for a wild ride so far this year, it hasn’t all been scary. I did mention that I got a new job which forced me to come out of my shell a bit when I was around people. Developing business relationships and being put in the position to practice my “adult” skills allowed me to strengthen areas of my character. We grow every single day through our experiences if we allow life to teach us, and that’s what I did and continue to do.

Earlier this month I posted about a festival I was attending, Rolling Loud. (Check it out here!) And let me tell you, the weekend of May 11th-13th 2018 was one to remember. I headed down to Miami with my boyfriend and a group of friends to see our most favorite hip hop performers. There were folks from Dreezy and Night Lovell to Future, J. Cole, and even a surprise performance from MEEK MILL! My girl Trina gave me all of the life I needed and the rain couldn’t stop me from singing my heart out. It did give me a hell of a bug to get over once I got back though.

I have a lot of exciting things that I want to do to take my blog to the next level. June is going to packed with SO many new things. Not to mention my birthday! With Gemini season upon us I’m feeling so inspired to create and I can’t wait to share all that I have with you!

To keep up with me and stay in touch (so you can wish me a happy birthday lol) follow me on twitter @heykenkayy! I’m curious when your birthdays are so leave me a comment below letting me know that and your zodiac sign!

See you in the next one!



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