Reasons I Love Christmas!

Congratulations! You’ve made it to Blogmas Day 9! Okay maybe I’m congratulating myself, but yay for you too!

Hey friends! I’ll be honest with you, I was drawing a blank for today. I have every other day this month planned and written out, except today! I saw that it was a Saturday on the calendar and decided to wait until the morning of and see what came to me.

So here we are. It is currently 7am on a Saturday morning and I’m not sleeping in. I’ve actually been up since 4:30, but that’s a different story.

Anyway, this morning I just feel like chatting and telling you a little more about myself. It is Blogmas though, so I feel like I have to keep it as “holiday” as possible.


Every time I meet someone who says Christmas is their favorite holiday, I ask them why. It’s great to hear the passion behind someone’s Christmas. Today I want to answer that question myself, just for you!

The Way It Makes Me Feel

The biggest part of what I love about Christmas is the way it makes me feel. The word “Christmas” itself makes me feel secure and all warm and fuzzy inside. This time of year is about healing, righting your wrongs from the year past, and making amends before the new year begins, so that you’re able to start fresh.

Being in the Christmas spirit isn’t just about singing carols and drinking hot chocolate. It’s about filling your heart with joy and thankfulness so that it may overflow into the hearts of those around you.

I know that at Christmas time, everything is going to be alright within my family. No one is fighting, and if they are, they remain cordial until after the holidays. We all get together and truly just love on one another. It’s never been about the gifts for us. Even now, I don’t feel pressured to find that “perfect gift” for any of them if I’m tight on money because they know where my heart is. Even though that just makes me want to buy them gifts even more!

The Food

Another thing I love about Christmas is the food! I said this in my Christmas tagbut I’ll say it again, the food around Christmas is just so bomb! When I was younger my mother cooked so many different dishes for Christmas, but she’s dialed it back now that her kids are all adults. She still throws DOWN in the kitchen though and it makes me feel like a kid again. She’s also started baking a lot of different treats around the holidays and I’m definitely enjoying that!

I also enjoy all of the holiday drinks at coffee spots and the great specials at restaurants. I’m not a Starbucks everyday kind of girl, but I go crazy when that Chestnut Praline latte drops! It’s so yummy, I need one now.

Faith In Humanity is Restored

At least for a little while it is. People tend to be in the giving spirit around the holidays. Whether they donate to charity, feed the homeless, or just hold the door open for someone else, it makes me feel like we’re actually all in this together.

I’m a person that gets genuinely annoyed when someone doesn’t smile back when I smile at them in passing. I understand you never know what people are going through, but if you’re going to make eye contact with me, you could at least smile back! 

At Christmas time, people tend to be a lot nicer than any other time of the year (as long as there’s not a sale going on). I thoroughly appreciate the ones that smile back and even give a little wave or head nod. It warms my heart so much!

So those are the reasons that I love Christmas! I know today’s post was a little random, but come back tomorrow for some super hot fire as Blogmas continues!

If you missed Day 8 (because I forgot to tweet about it, sorry!) go ahead and check that out. See you guys tomorrow! Have a great day.

Bye friends!


4 thoughts on “Reasons I Love Christmas!

  1. I love this! I feel the same about Christmas I think it’s such a magical time especially if you take the time to absorb the beauty and the spirit. It really does feel like Christmas restores faith in people and encourages them to be more patient (sometimes) and friendly. Great post! ☺️💕

    xx Lena |


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