7 Time Management Tips for a Productive Day

Time management is a skill that many of us have yet to master. Organization and planning ahead amount to nothing without proper time management. Knowing which tasks to work on and when to work on them is a major key to success. It will help you to perform both more efficiently and effectively. Refining your time management skills can make all the difference on the journey to achieving your goals.


Check out these time management tips to help you have a more productive day:

1. Declutter

Whether it’s your room, your car, your inbox, or your mind, you need to declutter. Go through and discard anything that you don’t need. Having an overflow of “stuff” makes it easy to lose focus and get distracted.

2. Get an early start

Even just 10 minutes can make a difference. You don’t have to start waking up at 6am on weekends, but try setting your alarm 20 minutes earlier than usual or hitting snooze one less time. This way you’re not rushing through your day and fumbling through tasks.

3. Write out a plan for the day

Keeping a mental schedule may work for some, but writing down what needs to be done sort of makes it concrete. It’s on paper for you to see and hold, not just in your head to be forgotten. You can also better keep track of which tasks have been completed or not when you write them down.

4. Prioritize your to do list

Once you’ve made your list choose 3 or 4 items that are your most important and focus on getting those done. Make sure these tasks align with your overall goal for the day or week. Then organize the rest of your to do list accordingly. Time management isn’t necessarily being able to finish every single task in one day, but being able to do the most that you can in the time that you have.

5. Set a time limit

Setting time limits challenges you to complete the task in the allotted time. This helps you to stay focused and keep on track. Also, if you start a task be sure to finish it!

6. Categorize your time

For example family time, focus time, alone time. It helps to have a general idea of when to do what so you don’t over-work or stress yourself out.

7. Batch similar tasks together

One of the best ways to use your time is to complete more than one task at once. Group tasks together that have similar processes or whose results compliment each other to make the most of your time.

And there you have it, my 7 time management tips for a more productive day! I hope this helps you on your journey to success. Try some of these and let me know what the outcome is! Also feel free to comment any other tips you have for mastering time management.



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