Success While Single

There are tons of movies that have successful lead characters dropping everything because they “fell in love.” Well we can’t always skip work to fly across the country to confess our love because we wouldn’t have a job when we came back! But what can you do when you find love in the middle of finding success? I want to start a series for the 20 something year old that’s focused on themselves, but wouldn’t mind a little company.

Young women are realizing they don’t need a man to provide for them and they are here to take over! You see photos and articles all over social media of young women graduating from college and becoming doctors, lawyers, businesswomen and even politicians. As a young woman myself, this fills me with so much joy to see women making their presence known in this “man’s world.” While we’re busy taking the world by storm, a romance or two may come up. Now it would be easy to just tell you something like IGNORE ALL MEN. KEEP YOUR LEGS CLOSED. MEN ARE TRASH. PAY THAT MAN NO MIND GIRL, but that’s just not realistic. A man (or woman!) is going to come along at some point, one that you really want to give your time to, and that’s okay! But there are a few important things to remember:

  1. No one is going to love you the way that you love you.
  2. Keep your work or school a top priority

There are others, but we’ll discuss those in later posts. Right now I want you all to remember that no one is going to love you the way that you love you. It may seem cliche to say you need to love yourself first, but that is the truth. You need to be so in touch and at peace with who you are that no one else can affect the way that you view yourself. I had the misfortune of finding love before I found myself and while I am now on a path of acceptance and love for myself, I caused a whole lot of damage trying to get here. So ladies make sure you spend some time with yourself. Do something you like to do, but do it alone. Try new things, look in the mirror and just smile, start working out, do whatever you need to do to explore new parts of your spirit. If someone comes along while you’re exploring these new things, communicate with them that you are a work in progress. You may not be as emotionally available to them as they may like you to be, but that’s because you’re working on being available to yourself first. If they understand, they’ll stay around. If not, then they weren’t ready for you in the first place.

Secondly, always keep your priorities a priority. Whatever is important to you before this person will most likely still be important to you after they are gone. I’m not saying you can’t make that person a priority as well, just make sure you’re still keeping up with everything you were involved in prior to the relationship. I myself didn’t listen to this advice and I dropped everything for a man. I made him my main focus and that was it. I supported his endeavors and just played my supporting role, but that of course got me nowhere. It took hitting rock bottom for me to see that I needed to get it together. I was leading into such a bright future, but I lost it all for someone who didn’t sacrifice anything for me. I don’t want any more young women to go through that.

I want to share my hardships and my struggles with you so that you don’t have to hit rock bottom just to get on track. I want to help women become the bosses that they know they can be while navigating a love life. No I’m not a professional, but I do have experience and would love to share everything I’ve learned with you. I’m looking forward to this series and I hope you are too!


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