Is Your Support System Really Supporting You?

In this new age of technology, almost everyone is on the internet which has influenced this influx of retailers taking their businesses into cyber space. These days you can order lunch, replace your wardrobe, hire a plumber to fix the downstairs toilet, browse through collections of lingerie (even find someone to wear it for) all through the internet and never have to leave your house. You can even do your grocery shopping from home now in cities all across the country! Known online giants like Amazon and eBay have been killing it, as well as department stores like Macy’s and Kohl’s jumping on the cash train that is online retail. But what I love seeing is small businesses really thriving thanks to the ability to sell online.

There are so many young entrepreneurs out there that have started selling their goods online! Whether it’s physical wares or digital knowledge, people are taking advantage of the internet to expand their businesses and start becoming their own bosses. I personally am so excited to see people believing in themselves and taking the risk. Making money online is big right now and we can only see it continuing to grow.

Now of course, success breeds hate. There are people that think every small business online is a scam or they just like the “old fashioned” approach to shopping like physical stores. There are also people that are a little more close to home that may be throwing shade at your entrepreneurship. A lot of people may believe in your ideas, but they don’t necessarily want you to actually achieve anything. They support your dreams as long as they remain dreams, but the second they see things coming into fruition, they have an instant problem with everything that you’re doing.

Maybe you know a girl that is positive towards your work and compliments you, but only asks for handouts instead of making a purchase or promoting your brand to her friends and family. You might even have a “supporter” that buys your products just to speak negatively about them, but covers it up with compliments about your character or personality. There are so many different kinds of wolves in sheep’s clothing that one may encounter and you have to weed them out before they cause any harm to you or the business you’ve worked so hard for.

My advice to you would be to pay close attention to those in your circle. I’m not saying to not trust your loved ones. I’m just saying if you see something, investigate or address it. Be observant and don’t be afraid to speak up. If you find one of these snakes in your grass, go ahead and mow it! Get rid of all of the negative people and energy that you need to because you won’t get far carrying that around. Put your future and the success of your business ahead of no good attachments and I promise you will feel much better.

And while you’re combing through your circle of support, make sure you take the time to appreciate the ones that are actually supporting you. Simply saying thank you to the people that believe in your vision can show them your gratitude because we all know that this isn’t easy. We know we can’t do this alone. Being surrounded by people that are uplifting and keep you on track makes success that much easier to obtain.

So ask yourself if your support system is actually supporting you, and watch things get a whole lot easier.


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