Start Meditating in 5 Minutes

Meditation and the idea that it relieves you of stress has become popular in the conversation of self care over the last few years. There are countless magazine articles and Instagram posts dedicated to convincing you to meditate. I even mention meditation in my 55 Effective Ways to Practice Self Care post. But if you're anything like [...]


Life Update: May 2018

Over the past few months I’ve been super MIA. In the beginning of the year, I said I would be more consistent in my posting. I then decided to be consistently absent from WordPress and any mention of my blog. At first it was because of my new job and learning to work around my [...]

Staying Organized in 2018

  Two thousand and eighteen has been off to a great start! There's been a lot of relaxing involved, but there has also been a lot of planning and organizing. In the past, my main problem with staying on track has been that I'm not very organized. I lose track of deadlines and miss birthdays [...]