Putting Aside Jealousy in Your Relationship

Are you the jealous type? I used to not be. I was very much okay with casual dating and hooking up from time to time. When I was in a serious relationship I never got the urge to look through my man's phone or question where he had been. I always felt as though if [...]


Reasons I Love Christmas!

Congratulations! You've made it to Blogmas Day 9! Okay maybe I'm congratulating myself, but yay for you too! Hey friends! I'll be honest with you, I was drawing a blank for today. I have every other day this month planned and written out, except today! I saw that it was a Saturday on the calendar [...]

Keeping Your Anxiety In Check While Spending the Holidays With Your Partner’s Family

Hey friends! Welcome back for Blogmas Day 5! Hope you are enjoying my posts so far. Be sure to check out Day 4 here if you haven't already! Today I want to get a little more serious with you. W're going to talk about keeping your anxiety in check while spending to holidays with your partner's [...]